Farmbridge Agri & Food Processing Co. Ltd. The Best Dehydrated Vegetables Exporter in India

Bridging the gap between the Farm & your plate.

F armbridge Agri & Food Processing Co. is a part of Goodrich Group based at Karnal, Haryana, India, which is spread over 40 acre of manufacturing campus primarily engaged into processing of different Food, Dairy & Beverages ingredients. Farmbridge, the newly commissioned unit, has latest facilities, hence, it is able to export superior quality of dehydrated vegetables, fruits, herbs & exotic spices.

W e understand the agronomics of different farm produce quite well owing to our in hand years of experience in contract farming & direct purchase of potato, barley and other agricultural produce which we process in our in house facilities namely Goodrich Cereals (Dehydrated Potato Flakes unit) & Goodrich Foodtech Ltd. (Barley Malt Manufacturing unit). This is one the most prominant reasons why we are known as the best Dehydrated Vegetables Exporter in India.

O ur in house cold storage facility (12000 MT facility) which helps us vertically integrate our business from contract farming, buying, storing of raw material, processing and storing of finished goods (controlled environment) at one place and serve our valued customers around the year. Therefore, It's no exaggeration to say that Farm Bridge is the most prominent Indian company dealing in dehydrated vegetables exports.

A mong our valuable Indian customers are Parle Agro, Haldiram, Bikano, Bikaji, Vista Foods, ITC, Guiltfree Snacks, TTK Healthcare & alike.

Globally we export dehydrated vegetables to different countries namely UAE, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia, Israel, Lebanon, USA, Turkey, Brazil & alike.

We understand our responsibility as a leading Exporter of Dehydrated Vegetables to take care of quality & Food safety as a primary concern over & above the business profits.

Farmbridge's Dehydrated Vegetables

We Grow, We Harvest, We Process, We Prepare & We Serve.
Yes! we do it all...

Stop sorting, washing, drying & cutting vegetables.

Use Farmbridge's Dehydrated Vegetables and save time.

Our Dehydrated vegetables meet all the guidelines of the food service industry.

Nutritious, healthy and tasty

Farmbridge's Dehydrated Vegetables are Nutritious, healthy and tasty.

100% safe for your health

During dehydration process the moisture is extracted, thereby inhibiting the growth of micro organisms without any use of preservatives or chemicals.

Easy storage and preservation

Due to low volume, Dehydrated vegetables are higly portable & are easily preserve and stored.

Plant based diet

Dehydrated vegetables are perfect for plant based diet & makes an assortment of Homemade goods.

Saves a lot of time

Dehydrated Vegetables eliminates the hazels of using conventional fresh vegetables like peeling, cutting, slicing, chopping, grinding; saving a lot of time.

Shelf life upto 1 year

While maintaining the quality of dehydrated vegetables we increase the shelf life upto 1 year.

Dehydrated Vegetables

A bit about Goodrich Group of Companies

From the last three decades, Goodrich Group of Companies has made inroads in multiple areas of production & mastered ways for processing a wide variety of products.

The group's diverse product portfolio includes,

  • natural & modified bio-polymers for Pulp & Paper, Corrugation & Textile Industry,
  • barley malt for Breweries & Food Industry,
  • nutraceutical ingredients,
  • botanical extracts,
  • maltodextrin powder bakery & HORECA products,
  • cooking cream & table spreads

Goodrich group is a respected name among the industrialists of the Northern belt of the country. They revere the Group in high esteem for its quality, strict adherence to high standards, and good governance by the experienced and qualified management.

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